What Socks To Wear With Oxford Shoes? For Men and Women

Oxford shoes are a common choice for an elegant dress style. Both men and women can wear them. However, we all still wonder what kind of socks to choose, not to spoil our look, but to upgrade it. So what kind of socks to wear with Oxford shoes?

Oxford shoes can be worn with a crew, dress, or no-show socks. This is suitable for both men and women. No-show socks are suitable for semi-formal and casual moments. At the same time, crew and dress socks are suitable for formal and casual moments.

What socks to wear with oxford shoes?

Oxford shoes are a type of elegant shoe. They are distinguished by their laces, which are so-called “closed lacing,” meaning that the tips of the laces are inside the shoe. They are usually hidden behind the tongue of the shoe so that they are not visible.

Oxford Shoes
Oxford Shoes

Oxford shoes, like other dress shoes, are suitable for formal and casual events. We will discuss this in more detail below. There are other types of shoes that are suitable for formal and casual wear. In previous posts, I have written about what socks to wear with Chelsea boots and Loafers. You can read the posts by clicking on the link.

However, the most important thing is that for formal events, we wear crew or dress socks (the main difference is the length – crew socks go up to the calves, while dress socks go up to the knees). We need to wear long socks for formal events such as gala dinners, important meetings, TV interviews, etc. This is because long socks cover the skin on the leg when we sit down.

For semi-formal or casual events, men and women can wear no-show socks. This way, we achieve a sockless look but still wear socks, which is good for the health of the feet and the life of the shoes (more on this later in this article).

How to wear no-show socks with Oxford shoes?

Let’s first look at how to wear no-show socks with Oxford shoes because, in this case, you can make fewer mistakes. The purpose of no-show socks is that they are not visible above the shoes, so you should buy no-show socks rather than ankle socks and then tuck them in or push them into the shoe later.

This will not work out well because Oxford shoes are made to fit snugly to the foot, and there is no extra place to hide the rest of the socks.

So it is important that the socks are not visible if you want to achieve a sockless look. It is important to have socks that stay on foot and do not slide down. If the socks start to slide down, it can be very uncomfortable when walking, and you can get blisters because the foot is rubbing directly against the shoe.

Companies solve this by putting silicone on the back of the sock, which is harder to slide on the skin than fabric. This makes the sock stay in place for longer. Many socks have this solution, but some cheaper socks may not have it, or the silicone may be very poor and wear off quickly.

Silicone on non slide no-show socks
Silicone on non-slide no-show socks

That is why I recommend these socks, which are of very high quality. They have an average rating of 4.7 and over 45,000 users. They have different sizes for men and women.

Something else is important when wearing no-show socks with Oxford shoes. It is necessary to wear trousers that are not too long, and that reach the top of the ankle. If you wear too long trousers, there is no point in wearing no-show socks.

Oxford shoes with no-show socks

How to wear crew and dress socks with Oxford shoes?

When it comes to wearing long socks with Oxford shoes, there are two options – crew and dress socks. The main difference between the crew and dress socks is the length. Crew socks go up to the calves, and dress socks go up to the knees. Dress socks stay on the leg longer because of two things. Read more about dress socks here.

  1. Because they go up to the knees, the calves serve as an anchor to stop them from creeping toward the shoes, and
  2. most dress socks have a ribbed pattern which makes the socks more elastic and squeezes better against the leg. This prevents them from creeping down and keeps them on their foot for longer.

If you wear a dress several times a week, I recommend investing in good-quality dress socks. They will make you more comfortable, your shoes won’t blister, and your socks won’t creep down. So you won’t even feel that you are wearing them.

Compression dress socks

The primary purpose of dress socks is to serve as an extension of trousers and to cover the skin on your leg when you sit down. If your crew socks don’t go down and you don’t wear a dress almost every day, you can wear crew socks instead of dress socks. For regular wear, dress socks are better.

The socks should match the color of your trousers, not your shoes, as some people think. As a rule of thumb, you should always choose your shoes and socks based on your trousers. If you have socks in neutral colors (black, grey, brown) in your wardrobe, you can combine these socks with most trousers. I suggest you read the more detailed post on how to pair dress socks with a dress.

In addition to solid-colored socks, you can also wear dress socks with patterns or stripes. This way, you can enhance your look with dress socks, but there are a few rules you need to know so that you don’t make any mistakes. You can read more about how to combine socks with patterns and stripes here.

Should you wear socks with Oxford shoes?

You should always wear socks with Oxford shoes, even if you want to achieve a sockless look. You can wear crew, dress, or no-show socks if you want to look like you are not wearing socks. Not wearing socks has a negative impact on the health of your feet and the durability of your Oxford shoes.

You may not have known this, but most people who look like they’re not wearing socks are actually wearing no-show socks. And you should, too, because your feet will thank you.

Wearing no-show socks is more comfortable than not wearing socks. The socks reduce the friction of the foot against the shoe and prevent blisters. In addition, socks absorb and wick sweat away from the skin.

If you don’t wear socks, this can even lead to foot infections. Most shoes are made of synthetic materials, which are dangerous to health. When they come into contact with sweat, substances are secreted that can poison the skin, which is very painful. I suggest you read these 7 reasons why you should always wear socks.


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