What Are Considered Dress Socks and Why do They Exist?

Are dress socks different from regular socks? In this article, I’ll tell you what dress socks are, why they exist and whether they make any difference compared to regular socks.

Dress socks are thin socks made from high-quality materials such as cotton and merino wool. They match the color of the suit and usually come in darker colors, such as black, brown, and grey. Dress socks are generally long and elasticated not to fall down when worn.

Quality dress socks are an excellent investment for any man who wants to look good in a suit. If you wear a suit at least once a week, it’s worth reading this post to the end. Before that, read how many pairs of dress socks you should have in your wardrobe.

What are considered dress socks and why do they exist?

Dress socks are considered socks worn with dress and dress shoes. Dress socks must match the color of your trousers and be long enough to cover the skin on your legs when sitting down. A good pair of dress socks help to make walking in dress shoes more comfortable.

Color is very important when choosing dress socks. If you can’t match the exact color of the dress socks, at least select a similar shade or darker socks. The classic dress sock colors that go with almost all outfits are black, charcoal, navy, and burgundy. However, if you want to add more colors to your outfit, check out this article where I show you exactly which color socks go with which dress. If you’re not into vivid colors and prefer to add colorful patterns, check out this post on choosing the right patterns and stripes for dress socks.

Two colored dots on the dress socks.

Dress socks exist because they differ from the socks we wear daily and for sport. At first glance, they are more elegant and thin. They are very thin, so they can grip the foot well and don’t wrinkle. This is important so that they fit well in the dress shoe and give us more comfort when wearing them.

Do dress socks make a difference?

Dress socks make a difference because they are very comfortable thanks to the quality materials that absorb a lot of sweat. Dress socks are also very long and elastic, so they stick to the legs when worn and do not fall. Most importantly, they are stylish and go well with dresses and dress shoes.

As I said, dress socks make a big difference to the wearing experience compared to ordinary socks because:

  • they are made of more quality materials and are therefore more comfortable,
  • they are stylish,
  • they are long and elastic, so they do not fall down and
  • absorb a lot of sweat to protect the foot from infections.

Dress socks make a difference in comfort and materials

Dress socks are made of higher quality materials than regular socks. Although both socks may contain cotton, dress socks usually have the highest quality cotton, which is more comfortable and durable. The most outstanding quality of cotton socks is that they breathe well and absorb moisture. Although cotton is also elastic, polyester, elastane, or nylon are added to dress socks to make them even more flexible.

Another natural material often used in socks is merino wool, a comfortable and warm material. Merino wool absorbs even more sweat than cotton but still feels dry to the touch. Although it’s generally believed that thread is only suitable for cold weather, merino wool socks can also be worn in summer. Because merino wool breathes well and makes the foot sweat less.

You can learn more about which materials are best and which are not suitable for dress socks by clicking on this link.

Dress Socks Make A Difference Because They Are Stylish

Dress socks are more stylish than regular socks because they are made of better materials and therefore look better. The colors, patterns, and stripes added to dress socks make them look stylish. Do you know how to combine dress socks? You can read this post to find out how to combine them.

Another special feature that sets dress socks apart from other socks is the ribbed pattern, which is not only aesthetic. But it also helps to keep the sock on the leg for longer. The ribbed pattern helps the sock to press more tightly against the leg, so it doesn’t fall down. The next section explains why keeping stockings from falling down is important.

Ribbed dress socks
Ribbed dress socks.

Dress socks make a difference because they are long and elastic

Dress socks can be long, some even reaching up to the knees. The main reason is that the calves anchor the stockings in place, so they don’t fall down.

Keeping dress socks from falling down is important for several reasons. The main reason is that the skin on the leg is not visible when sitting. The second reason is that the socks do not wrinkle over the shoe, creating a bad look.

Some people wear their dress shoes in such a way that it looks like they have no socks on (sockless look). Read when you can wear a sockless look and how to create it by clicking on this link.

Elasticity and a ribbed pattern also help to keep the socks from falling down. Socks made of natural materials (cotton, merino wool) are usually a mix of natural and synthetic materials (polyester, elastane, nylon) in a ratio of 70-80% and 20-30%.

Dress socks make a difference because they absorb a lot of sweat

Good quality dress socks are usually made from natural materials, which is also good for foot health because natural materials absorb a lot of sweat. Cotton and merino wool absorbs a lot of sweat. Merino wool absorbs as much as 30% of the weight of the sock and stays dry to the touch. Read these 7 reasons why you need to wear dress socks with dress shoes.

Absorbency is essential because long-term socks wear can cause infections if the foot is wet for a long time. Walking with wet feet can cause blisters, athlete’s foot, and the build-up of unpleasant odors. Merino wool is also good because it does not retain odors.


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