Ankle Socks Are Out of Style – 2 Better Alternatives

Ankle socks are very popular for sports activities such as fitness, running, walking, etc. They are less popular as a fashion accessory. I’ll tell you why ankle socks are less popular in fashion and whether ankle socks are out of style in the rest of this article.

Ankle socks are out of fashion and will ruin your look because they are too short to serve as an accessory to your look and too long to be covered by shoes. Ankle socks are suitable for wearing in the gym, running, or other sporting activities.

So, in this post, I’ll tell you in more detail when it’s appropriate to wear ankle socks, and I’ll present two alternatives to wearing ankle socks. These are crew and no-show socks, which can improve your look just because you have chosen the right pair of socks.

When should you wear ankle socks?

Ankle socks should only be worn for sporting activities because they look great with sports trainers and sportswear. However, they are too short to wear with other clothes or look too much out of your shoes, which can ruin your look.

Ankle socks should be worn with sports clothes

Ankle socks go perfectly with sportswear: shorts, sports shirts, and women’s tights. If possible, combine the brand of ankle socks with the brand of sports shoes you wear. Ankle socks are ideal for preventing blisters caused by your foot rubbing against the shoe and don’t need ankle protection, as is recommended for basketball. Sports where I recommend wearing ankle socks are in the gym, while running, walking on flat ground, golf, etc.

For sports, you can also wear quarter socks, which are pretty similar to ankle socks. To find out what the differences are and which ones to choose, click here.

For everyday wear, ankle socks are not the best choice if you want to look your best. In this case, it is better to wear other socks and wear ankle socks only for sport. 2 alternatives to ankle socks are crew and no-show socks.

Crew socks can be worn with shorts or long trousers. When wearing shorts, they work best if you wear sneakers (make sure to wear the same brand of socks and shoes). However, crew socks are suitable when wearing long trousers such as chinos or jeans because they are long enough to cover your skin when you sit down.

No-show socks can also be worn with shorts or capri pants. In recent years, capri pants have become in style again, with no-show socks, especially in the summer. You will most often wear loafers, espadrilles, or low sneakers when wearing no-show socks.

Should I wear ankle or crew socks?

Ankle and crew socks can be worn for sports activities. However, crew socks are better for your outfit, as they complete your look when paired with sneakers. When wearing more elegant shoes with long trousers, crew socks are also more suitable, as they cover your skin when you sit down.

To achieve the sockless look, it is better to wear no-show socks instead of ankle socks. More about that later.

If you like wearing sneakers from well-known brands like Nike, Jordan, Adidas, New Balance, Vans, etc. Crew socks will go perfectly with them and will upgrade your look. In this case, crew socks serve as accessories. I think socks are the most underrated accessory you can add to quickly upgrade your look.

To learn more about crew socks and how to pair them with your outfits, and how they can quickly upgrade your look. Then I suggest you read this post.

You should wear crew socks instead of ankle socks with sneakers.
You should wear crew socks instead of ankle socks with sneakers.

Should I wear ankle or no-show socks?

If you want to cover up your socks and want to have a sockless look, then you should wear no-show socks. Ankle socks are high enough that they will still be visible above your shoes and will spoil your look. This is especially true when you wear low shoes such as vans, loafers or espadrilles.

No-show socks are named after the fact that it looks like you’re not wearing socks. To achieve the sockless look, you must wear socks. If you put your bare foot in a shoe, you may experience increased rubbing against the shoe and blisters. The foot will start to sweat more, which can lead to foot infections due to the chemicals in the synthetic fibers that most shoes are made of.

I suggest you read this comprehensive article on why you should always wear socks with your shoes. You can find it by clicking on this link.

Ankle socks are not the most suitable if you want to achieve a sockless look, as these socks go up to the ankle, and most shoes are not that high. Because of this, the hem of the sock will always be visible and spoil your look when you want to wear capri pants or shorts.


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