3 Reasons Why Undershirt Will Make You Look Better

The undershirt is underwear and is designed to keep us comfortable in our clothes. This is why many men wear an undershirt because it makes them look slimmer and therefore feel more confident. This article is dedicated to why you should wear a dress shirt.

An undershirt makes you look slimmer and more elegant. This quality undershirt gently hugs your body and makes it look slimmer. An undershirt absorbs a lot of sweat, so you won’t get embarrassing sweat stains under your armpits. In summer, the undershirt will keep you cool and in winter it will keep you warm.

Continue reading this article, if you want to find out 3 reasons why you need to wear an undershirt to look better.

What’s the point of wearing the undershirt?

The point of wearing an undershirt is that it absorbs sweat, it doesn’t ruin your outer clothes and it makes you feel better in your clothes. The undershirt fits tightly to your body and therefore keeps you warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather. The undershirt will make you sweat less because it wicks and absorbs sweat.

The title of this post is Reasons why you’ll look better in a sweatshirt. The main reasons why you will look better, which I will present below, are:

  • Sweatshirts are made of absorbent materials that prevent sweat from transferring to your clothes, which makes you look better because sweat stains are not visible.
  • The undershirts are elastic and tight and fit your body well. They cover beer bellies and man boobs from showing through your clothes.
  • Sweatshirts are not only suitable because they absorb a lot of sweat but also because they make you sweat later.

These are the 3 main reasons why it is good to wear an undershirt under your clothes. Now I’m going to detail them, so you know how to find the fitting undershirt for you.

Absorbent materials make you look better

There is a lot of talk about how an undershirt protects your outer clothing because it absorbs sweat well. Good quality undershirts are highly absorbent because they are made from absorbent materials – cotton, nylon, and merino wool. The best T-shirts even have lined underarms so that they can absorb even more sweat than ordinary T-shirts.

The most absorbent materials are cotton, nylon, and merino wool. Cotton and wool are natural materials and have the advantage of being very comfortable and soft. They are highly absorbent and wick away sweat. Merino wool even prevents odors, whereas with cotton, excessive sweating can cause an unpleasant smell.

Nylon is a synthetic material that, unlike polyester and elastane, is highly absorbent. Like cotton and wool, nylon absorbs and wicks away sweat to keep the skin fresh and breathable. The only advantage that nylon has over natural materials is that it is cheaper to produce. Synthetic materials are mass-produced in factories, whereas the price of natural materials depends on harvest and demand.

For a detailed comparison of synthetic and natural materials, you can read this post where I compare the pros and cons of polyester and cotton undershirts.

The undershirt will make you look slimmer

Synthetic materials such as polyester, elastane, and nylon are very elastic. Cotton is also elastic, but not as elastic as synthetic materials. That is why you will rarely find undershirts that are made of 100% cotton. Such T-shirts do exist, but they also cost more because cotton is a more expensive material.

Synthetic materials are added for elasticity and to keep the price down. Polyester is the most common material added to all clothing (T-shirts, trousers, socks, etc.). It has the advantage of being breathable, elastic, sweat-wicking, and often recyclable. The disadvantage is that it does not absorb moisture. Therefore, ensure that the fabric mix contains at least 30% absorbent materials – cotton, wool, or nylon.

This is also why ordinary T-shirts are unsuitable for wearing as an undershirt because they are made of thicker fibers and are not elastic. You can read all 9 differences between a T-shirt and an undershirt by clicking on this link.

Undershirts are naturally more elastic than regular T-shirts, so they will make you look slimmer. If you need extra support in areas with more fat, I recommend you try a compression undershirt. Compression undershirts are comfortable and practical, and they make you look slimmer, which definitely boosts your self-confidence. You can read the full post on what compression t-shirts do and which compression t-shirt to choose here.

Compression undershirt
Compression undershirt.

Your undershirt will make you sweat later

Elasticity is essential because a T-shirt sticks well to the body and does not wrinkle. A loose undershirt would be visible through outer clothing. A tight-fitting undershirt can cool the body better if the material breathes well and quickly absorbs a lot of sweat because it is in direct contact with the skin. Find out more about how tight and long a T-shirt should be later in this article.

Synthetic and natural materials breathe well and make your skin sweat later. It may seem strange, but an undershirt will keep you cool and absorb a lot of sweat even in summer. I recommend you read this post on why a tank top makes you look slimmer and how a tank top keeps you cooler in summer.

When choosing breathable materials, you have the easiest choice regarding undershirts, as all materials are very breathable. If you choose one of the absorbent materials, you will also get a breathable material.

Do you need an undershirt with a dress shirt?

You should wear an undershirt under your dress shirt if you don’t want sweat stains to form under the armpits of your shirt. You will look better in a dress shirt if you wear an undershirt because it will compress the areas where you have more fat, so the beer belly and man boobs will not show through the shirt.

Wear a dress shirt when you need to look elegant – at work, during special dinners, at weddings, etc. A dress shirt usually goes with elegant clothes such as a suit or tuxedo. It’s a good idea to wear a dress shirt so that it doesn’t spoil your look, as many things can go wrong.

  • Sweat stains on your shirt can appear as you sweat and look embarrassing.
  • Sweat ruins your clothes if you don’t wear an undershirt. Sweat can even transfer from your shirt to your suit jacket or tuxedo and form unpleasant odors.
  • You can get hot when you wear several layers of clothes (shirt, suit, coat). If you wear a breathable undershirt, you will start to sweat later.

If you often wear a suit or tuxedo, I recommend you read this article, where I go into more detail about the pros and cons of wearing an undershirt under a tuxedo.

What do I do if my dress shirt is see-through?

If you can see through your dress shirt, you must wear an undershirt underneath to cover your body. The best color of the undershirt is the color of your skin. If you are wearing a white shirt, a grey or white colored undershirt is also suitable.

The color of the undershirt is essential even if you can’t see through the dress shirt. The wrong color undershirt will be visible through your dress shirt. Most men wear a white undershirt, but this is one of the worst color choices. Why is that?

The white color will be visible through your shirt, even if you are wearing a white shirt. The sleeves and collar will be the most visible because the color shade between the undershirt and the skin is very large, especially if you have a darker skin tone. Wearing an undershirt in the shade of your skin is the best option because the difference is smaller.

If you cannot find an undershirt in the color of your skin, grey is also a good alternative. Grey is not as light as white and therefore eliminates shadows, which is why the undershirt is visible under your clothes.

If you wear a dress shirt that shows through, it is a good idea to wear an undershirt the color of your skin or a white undershirt because this will make it look like a shirt. Otherwise, I recommend choosing a shirt with thick fibers that can’t be seen through.

I suggest you read the full-color comparison for the undershirt to find out which one is best suited for you.

Undershirt neckline and sleeves

In addition to the color of the undershirt, other parts of the undershirt, such as the sleeves and collar, may also be visible. If you are wearing an unbuttoned shirt or polo shirt, then you should wear a deep V-neck undershirt. If you wear a shirt with a tie or a T-shirt, you can also wear a Crew neck. These are the two main collars you can choose from for undershirts – the V-neck and the crew neck.

As far as sleeves are concerned, there are short or long-sleeved undershirts and sleeveless undershirts, which are called tank tops. I recommend that you read the pros and cons of tank tops.

The short sleeves of an undershirt should be shorter than those of a T-shirt, so they are not visible. The sleeves are also tighter against the body, so they cannot peek out when worn.

How to keep the undershirt tucked in?

To keep the undershirt tucked in is simple, as the undershirts are so long that they reach the middle of the buttocks, so they don’t slip out of the trousers when worn. Before buying an undershirt, please check the pictures to make sure the undershirt is long enough and read the customer reviews.

There are not many tips online on how to keep your undershirt tucked into your trousers. However, some advise taping the undershirt or using various tools. This is not necessary as long as you choose the right size undershirt before you buy it.

Most retailers provide a size chart indicating which size is suitable for a particular upper body length. You need to measure the length of your body from the neck to the hips. You can read the full process of how to do this here so that your undershirt will not be too long or too short.

In addition to the length, it is also essential to how tight the undershirt is. The undershirt should not be loose, and it should not be so tight that it makes you uncomfortable. To get the right width, you need to measure your chest width. You can read the entire procedure on how to do this here so that your undershirt will not be too tight or too loose.

What color undershirt for a light blue shirt?

The best undershirt color for a light blue shirt is your skin color or grey. The most important thing about the color of the undershirt is that it matches the skin tone as closely as possible so that no shadows are created. Shadows are the main reason why the undershirt is visible under the shirt.

As with a white shirt, the white color will be most visible through the light blue shirt. Shadows are caused by the difference in shades on the areas where the skin and the undershirt meet (collar, sleeves). An undershirt the color of the skin or grey will create the least shadows.

Undershirts will make you look better – conclusion

The undershirt will make you look better in your clothes and feel better about yourself. Choose undershirts made from sweat-wicking and absorbent materials (nylon, wool, cotton), and the undershirt should be elasticated. Undershirts are usually made from a mix of materials. The undershirt you choose should have at least 30 % absorbent material (the higher, the better), and the rest should be elastic materials (polyester, elastane, nylon).

If possible, choose an undershirt in your skin color, but grey is the second best choice. This way, the undershirt will not show through the clothes. Also, pay attention to the undershirt’s length and the collar’s choice. The length should reach the middle of the buttocks, and the collar should be a V-neck.

The undershirt is important to protect the clothes that mean a lot to you and that you like to wear. So, make the undershirt a part of your everyday life.


My name is Gregor and I'm a sports and fashion enthusiast. Like you, I want my clothes to be good quality and comfortable. I hope my articles will help you choose the right underwear for you.

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