Should You Wear an Undershirt With a Tuxedo? Pros and Cons

Anyone who regularly wears an undershirt knows they can wear it every day, no matter how they dress. You can wear your undershirt under a plain T-shirt, dress shirt, or sweater. Can it also be worn under formal clothes like a tuxedo? That’s what this article is about.

The undershirt can be worn under a dress shirt, even if you are wearing a tuxedo. This is especially recommended if you sweat a lot and don’t want the sweat to transfer to your outer clothing. However, it is important that the undershirt remains unnoticed the whole time it’s worn.

Keep reading because I will show you how an undershirt can make you look good while wearing a tuxedo.

Do you wear an undershirt with a tux?

A tuxedo is worn under a dress shirt, under which you can also wear an undershirt. It’s not necessary, but it’s recommended, especially if you sweat a lot and get cold quickly. A tuxedo is a formal dress worn only for special occasions such as weddings, galas, concerts, etc. It is, therefore, important to feel comfortable in a tuxedo.

Wedding tuxedo
Wedding tuxedo

A good quality undershirt can also contribute to the comfort of wearing the garment. These are its advantages:

  • an undershirt gives us warmth in cold weather,
  • an undershirt breathes well and keeps us cool in hot weather,
  • when made of good quality materials, it absorbs a lot of sweat and prevents further sweating,
  • comfortable to wear, as you don’t feel that you are wearing it.

These are some reasons why it’s good to wear an undershirt under a tuxedo. I’ll explain them individually to help you decide what undershirt to buy.

undershirt gives us warmth while wearing a tuxedo

When wearing a dress shirt and tuxedo in winter, I advise you to wear an undershirt under the dress shirt. The undershirt gives you a direct layer of warmth because it is very close to the body. If you want the undershirt to keep you warm, then cotton and merino wool are the only two material choices.

These are both natural materials made from high-quality fibers. Both materials breathe very well and absorb a lot of sweat. A merino wool undershirt is the most suitable for the real winter months and will give you the warmest feeling and comfort.

Merino wool
Sweat-wicking materialGOOD sweat-wicking material
Absorbs sweatAbsorbs sweat VERY WELL
Breathable materialVERY breathable material
Suitable for cold weatherSUITABLE for cold weather
Suitable for hot weatherSUITABLE for hot weather
MaintenanceNOT so easy to maintain (wash in cold water)
Table of Pros and Cons of Merino Wool Undershirt

undershirt breathes well and keeps us cool in a tuxedo

Undershirts are also suitable for wearing in hot weather, although they give us an extra layer of clothing. Undershirts made of quality materials breathe and absorb sweat very well so that we sweat less. I would recommend a cotton undershirt because it is a lightweight material that breathes well and absorbs a lot of sweat.

Some people also like to wear polyester undershirts, but cotton is better for people who sweat. You can read more about this in this post, where I compare polyester and cotton undershirts.

undershirt absorbs a lot of sweat and protects the tuxedo

I prefer to wear undershirts made of natural materials such as cotton and merino wool because they absorb sweat much better. Merino wool absorbs the most sweat of all the materials, 30% of the weight of the undershirt. And it still feels dry and pleasant to the touch. Cotton also absorbs moisture well, keeping skin dry for longer.

If you sweat a lot, you should definitely wear a short-sleeved undershirt. Because the sleeves will absorb the sweat. And that’s why wearing a tank top is not recommended. But if you like tank tops, you can read about their advantages here.

Synthetic materials such as elastane and polyester do not absorb any sweat but only repel it so that it stays on the skin, causing even more sweating. If you buy a synthetic undershirt, it should be made of nylon. Nylon is a material that breathes well and absorbs sweat. Nylon is on the same level as cotton and merino wool in this aspect. It has another advantage, however, and that is price.

Synthetic undershirts repel sweat
Synthetic undershirts repel sweat

All products made from synthetic materials are cheaper to produce than natural materials. Because they can be produced in larger quantities, the price of natural materials depends on the agricultural harvest and the price on the market.

When should a man wear an undershirt?

A man should wear an undershirt to look good and feel comfortable in his clothes. If you sweat a lot, you must wear an undershirt so that the sweat is not transferred to your outer clothing. The undershirt fits tightly to your body, absorbing a lot of sweat and making you look slimmer.

You can consider a compression undershirt if you want to cover excess fat on your body (beer belly and man boobs). I’ve talked more about its pros and cons in a previous post. Read this post if you are interested in why you absolutely must have a compression undershirt.

The undershirt can be worn under any outfit (T-shirt, dress shirt, sweater). But we have to make sure that the undershirt is not visible. It must be long enough not to slip out of the trousers and have a low enough neckline so that it is not visible if the buttons on the shirt are undone. You also need to choose the right color of undershirt so that it doesn’t show through the shirt. You can read more about whether to choose a white, grey, or black undershirt here.


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