What Shoes do You Wear With White Socks?

Combining white socks with every shoe is hard because white is too bright. Below I will answer the question: what shoes do you wear with white socks?

Only white sneakers can be worn with white socks. Black, brown, or blue shoes are not appropriate with white socks. Because the shade between the socks and the shoes is too large, it will make you look odd. With white sneakers, it’s best to wear low white socks.

Of all the pairs of socks in my wardrobe, I have the fewest pairs of white socks because they are so hard to match with trousers and shoes. Continue reading if you’re interested in other reasons why wearing white socks with black, brown, and dress shoes is not appropriate.

What Shoes to Wear With White Socks?

With white socks, it’s best to wear white sneakers or other sports shoes. White socks were made for sports such as tennis, golf, baseball, etc. Therefore, it’s assumed that you will be active in sports when wearing white socks.

White socks can only be worn with shoes that are not white if they are very low or no-show socks. Wearing high white socks with shorts or capri pants has recently become popular with youth, who wear this look with white sports trainers, even if they are not dressed for sport.

Long white socks with capri pants
Long white socks with capri pants

If you wear white socks with sneakers of a color other than white, e.g., black. Wear white socks that are very short or no-show socks. Long socks will stand out too much compared to shoes of another color.

Can I wear white socks with dress shoes?

White socks should not be worn with dress shoes, as this will spoil your elegant look. The socks must be in the shade of the trousers. Wearing white socks with black or blue trousers will cause too much deviation. White socks only go well with white sneakers and a casual look.

White socks with dress shoes
White socks with dress shoes.

White socks were made for sport, so this is the only occasion where they should be worn. If you pay attention next time you go shopping, you may notice that white socks can only be bought in sports shops. You will find very few in clothing shops.

White socks have also become popular because of tennis players, as tennis is also called the ‘white sport.’ Tennis players wear mostly white clothes, especially when playing in the Grand Slam at Wimbledon.

White socks in tennis
White socks in tennis

There are many theories about why tennis players wear white. Some say it is because tennis used to be played only by the rich, and the color white represents wealth. Or because the white color absorbs a little heat, so players get less hot during the game, and because sweat stains are less noticeable on white.

Is it OK to wear white socks with black shoes?

It’s not a good idea to wear white socks with black shoes because the shade between the two colors is too big and will make you look odd. You can only wear white socks with black shoes when you are wearing no-show socks.

Long white socks with black dress shoes can only be worn with a kilt, where white socks are part of the national costume. The kilt is usually worn with black wellies or black walking shoes. You can also wear dress shoes if you are not going to walk uphill.

White socks with kilt skirt
White socks with a kilt skirt

Is it OK to wear white socks with brown shoes?

It’s not a good idea to wear white socks with brown shoes because the shade between the two colors is too big and will make you look odd. White socks are unsuitable for a business look with business shoes and a suit. They are more suitable for sports and casual wear with white shoes.

Brown shoes go better with darker-colored socks (black, charcoal, navy) or colored socks (burgundy, olive, red). Darker socks can also be brightened and upgraded with different patterns and stripes.


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