Replace Your Cotton Underwear With Silk – 3 Reasons Why

Do you have silk underwear in your wardrobe? I don’t know what your answer was. But I know that when you read this article, you will want more silk underwear in your wardrobe than you have today. Let’s see which underwear is better, silk or cotton.

Silk and cotton are good materials for underwear. However, silk stays dry on the skin for longer, even though it absorbs and wicks sweat better than cotton. Most people wear cotton underwear because it is cheaper and offers enough quality for the money.

In the rest of this article, I will introduce silk in more detail. I will show you how cotton compares to silk and whether silk is really a better material for underwear than cotton.

Is silk or cotton underwear better?

It is important to keep the intimate area dry and clean for as long as possible. This is especially important for women, as your genitals are in direct contact with your underwear. A damp, dark, and warm environment provide ideal conditions for bacteria to grow and be transferred to the intimate area.

Is silk or cotton underwear better?
Is silk or cotton underwear better?

Therefore, the choice of underwear is crucial. Natural materials such as cotton and silk help to keep the intimate area breathable, wick sweat away from the skin, and keep it dry for as long as possible. Although silk does this job better than cotton, most people still wear cotton underwear.

Cotton and silk are also good for our health. You can read more about how the choice of underwear material affects our health here.

There are several reasons for this:

  • Cotton underwear is available in all clothing stores.
  • Cotton underwear is very affordable (starting at $1.5 each if you buy larger packages).
  • Cotton is comfortable and soft and offers enough comfort to keep us from considering other materials.

Silk is most often found in our wardrobes as elegant underwear for special occasions. Silk is also usually sewn with lace to give it an elegant look. However, I think that silk could appear more often in our wardrobe, as it has some more beneficial qualities than cotton.

  1.  Silk can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture without feeling damp.
  2. Repels more sweat away from the skin than cotton.
  3. A literally silky smooth surface that is softer and more comfortable than cotton.

The main reason why we have more cotton underwear in our wardrobes than silk underwear is, of course, the price. Silk is an expensive material. For one piece of silk underwear, we have to pay at least $12. For 10 pieces of silk underwear, we would therefore have to pay at least $120. This does not make sense to most people because we usually replace our underwear within 6 to 12 months.

Include some silk underwear in your wardrobe
Include some silk underwear in your wardrobe

If you have sensitive and itchy skin, silk is a great material. You can learn more about which materials are suitable for this type of skin here.

However, I would advise you to have a few more pieces of silk underwear in your wardrobe that you won’t wear only for special occasions. Take a look at this direct comparison between cotton and silk underwear.

BreathabilityIs a more breathable material than polyester.Is a breathable material like cotton and bamboo.
Moisture absorptionAbsorbs moisture but doesn’t dry quickly. Silk can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture without feeling damp.
Sweat repellencyRepels sweat away from the skin.Repels sweat away from the skin.
ComfortLight-weighted, warm, soft, and smooth material.A literally silky smooth surface that is softer and more comfortable than cotton and bamboo.
Odor resistantNatural materials such as cotton are odor resistant, so you will not have a bad smell from sweating.Silk is odor resistant.
PriceFrom $2/piece$12/piece
Is silk or cotton underwear better?

Features of silk underwear

Silk is a soft fabric, so soft in fact that we still use the term silky soft today. Silk is a natural material renowned for its shine, durability, softness, elegance, and high price due to its long and expensive production process.

Silk underwear
Silk underwear

In addition to the positive properties mentioned in the table above, silk is also known for:

  • Texture. The smooth and shiny texture gives silk a sense of elegance.
  • Strength and durability. A very strong and resistant material, which is why it has been used in the past to make parachutes. Now it has been replaced by nylon.
  • Elasticity. Silk is very elastic, making it ideal for making garments.
  • Absorbency. Silk is one of the more absorbent materials, absorbing as much as 30% of its weight in moisture. It stays dry to the touch and does not become damp.

You can buy your silk underwear at the two links below:

Is silk or cotton underwear better? – Conclusion

Both cotton and silk are high-quality underwear materials. However, silk has some more positive qualities than cotton, which unfortunately come with a slightly more expensive price tag.

I recommend adding a piece of silk underwear to your wardrobe for special occasions, but you can also use it daily.


My name is Gregor and I'm a sports and fashion enthusiast. Like you, I want my clothes to be good quality and comfortable. I hope my articles will help you choose the right underwear for you.

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