How Long do Basketball Socks Last? 5 Signs to Change Them

Basketball socks are different in feel and appearance to ordinary sports socks. They are more comfortable and soft. Your feet will be thankful if you wear basketball socks instead of regular socks when playing basketball. Your wallet will thank you too, because basketball socks last longer and withstand greater stress than ordinary sports socks. So how long do basketball socks last?

Good quality basketball socks should withstand at least one year of wear. Basketball socks are thicker and made of durable materials that can last longer than ordinary socks. The time to replace your socks is when they develop holes or are no longer as comfortable.

Continue reading this post if you are interested in what you need to do to make your basketball socks last longer. And what are the signs that you need to replace your basketball socks.

How long do basketball socks last?

Basketball socks tend to be slightly more expensive than regular sports socks, which is reflected in the comfort and lifespan of basketball socks. A pair of quality basketball socks costs around $14. At the same time, you can get 6 pairs of regular sports socks for $20 or less. You can read more about whether you need to wear basketball socks to play basketball here.

Basketball vs regular sport socks price
Basketball vs regular sports socks price

The quality of basketball socks is reflected in the choice of materials. Ordinary sports socks, made of almost 100% polyester, are less comfortable because they are thinner and therefore wear out more quickly. Thinner fibers wear and tear faster than thicker fibers. This affects the comfort of the socks, which are not as comfortable and elastic after several wears and washes. In most cases, such sports socks need to be replaced after half a year of regular wear.

Basketball socksRegular Sport Socks
How long do they last?1 year and more6 to 12 months (depending on how many pairs you have and how frequently you wear them)
How frequently you wear them?On average one pair, once a week (you need at least 5-7 pairs if you play basketball every day)On average one pair, once a week (you need at least 5-7 pairs if you play basketball every day)
How long do basketball and regular sport socks last?

Good-quality basketball socks are made of more durable materials and thicker fibers. The socks I mentioned above (Nike Elite Basketball Socks) have the following material composition: 61% polyester/20% nylon/17% cotton/2% spandex.

The most significant proportion is polyester, which dries quickly and breathes well. The rest is made up of two absorbent and comfortable materials (nylon and cotton). Nylon is also a very durable material and is used to make many types of clothing where durability is a priority.

When should a basketball sock be replaced?

A basketball sock should be replaced when it no longer feels comfortable, when holes appear on the sock, when the sock is getting thinner, if the sock has an unpleasant smell even though you have washed it, and if the sock is too small or no longer elastic.

Basketball socks, like any other socks, should be changed when they no longer feel comfortable. Here are 5 signs when socks need to be replaced and how to spot them:

  1. The sock no longer feels comfortable because we’ve worn the sock so many times. If you feel that your basketball socks are no longer comfortable when you put them on, it’s time to replace them.
  2. The sock is getting thinner, which does not give us comfort and protection against chafing. Excessively thin socks are also not as absorbent.
  3. When holes appear on the sock, it’s time to replace your sock. Holed socks offer no protection against rubbing against the shoe. The foot rubs directly against the shoe when playing basketball, which can cause blisters.
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4. The sock smells unpleasant even though you have washed it. Unpleasant smells in socks can be caused by bacteria and fungal infections that transfer from the foot to the sock. Infections make our feet smell bad, which is also transferred to the socks. If your basketball socks have a bad smell even though you have washed them. This most likely means that bacteria have been transferred to them. Therefore, such socks should be replaced immediately.

5. The sock is too small or no longer elastic. Wearing socks that are too small and have shrunk due to washing or drying can be uncomfortable because the socks are too tight. It can also be uncomfortable to wear socks that have lost their elasticity and are too loose. Loose socks start to wrinkle when playing basketball, which can lead to blisters.

How many pairs of Basketball socks should you have?

If you play basketball almost every day (4-7 days a week), then you need at least 5-9 pairs of basketball socks. If you play basketball 3 days a week, then having 3-5 pairs of socks will be enough. If you play basketball less than 3 days a week, then 1-3 pairs of basketball socks will be enough.

 4-7 times a week2-3 times a weekOnce a weekOnce a month
How many basketball socks you should have?5-9 pairs3-51-3 pairs1-3 pairs
Table of how many pairs of basketball socks you should have.

It’s a good idea to have at least 1-2 pairs of socks more in your wardrobe than is the number of days you play basketball. This way you will avoid not having socks because the ones you have are not washed or dried in time. More on how to care for basketball socks later in this article.

How to take care of your Basketball socks?

To make your basketball socks last longer, you can wash them in the washing machine, but in cold water (20-30 °C) or on the hand-wash program. I advise against tumble-drying as they may shrink. Basketball socks contain a lot of elastic fibers, which will be destroyed when washed in hot water.

How to take care of your Basketball socks?
How to take care of your Basketball socks?

Basketball socks are machine washable. However, basketball socks, like regular sports socks, are more delicate because they contain more elastic fibers. By washing sports socks in hot water, the elastic fibers are damaged more quickly, making the socks less elastic and harder to put on.

Your basketball socks will last longer if you turn them around before washing them. This will protect the outer fibers and make the socks look better. You can wash the socks in a special underwear laundry bag for extra protection.

Laundry bag for underwear


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