7 Reasons Why You Should Wear Bamboo Underwear For Exercise

Bamboo is a natural material that has just as many positive properties as cotton but is often overlooked when it comes to underwear. In this article, I’ll show you the benefits of bamboo underwear and whether bamboo underwear is suitable for exercising.

Bamboo underwear is suitable for exercising, running, hiking, and other sports activities. Bamboo underwear absorbs a lot of moisture, is breathable, very comfortable, dries quickly, and doesn’t trap odors. So you’ll feel better when you’re working out because your underwear will always be dry.

In the rest of this article, I’ll tell you – why bamboo underwear is suitable for wearing while exercising and what are the properties that make it suitable for hiking.

Is bamboo underwear good for exercise?

Bamboo is a natural material that is one of the more suitable materials for sports activities. Cotton underwear is also often used and is also suitable. However, bamboo has some better properties compared to cotton. You can read more about whether bamboo is better for underwear here.

Is bamboo underwear good for exercise?
Bamboo underwear is suitable for exercise

The advantages of bamboo over cotton are:

  1. Bamboo absorbs more sweat than cotton.
  2. Bamboo dries faster than cotton.
  3. Bamboo does not require the use of insecticides and pesticides to grow.
  4. Bamboo has antibacterial activity and is suitable for people with allergies and sensitive skin.
  5. Bamboo is softer because it achieves a silky smooth texture without additional treatment.

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These are also some of the features that make bamboo underwear suitable for sports activities. These are other qualities that make bamboo underwear stand out:

BreathabilityIs a breathable material like cotton.
Moisture absorptionAbsorbs and repels moisture and dries quickly.
Sweat repellencyRepels sweat away from the skin.
ComfortLight-weighted, warm, soft, and smooth material. Even more than cotton.
Odor resistantBamboo is odor resistant.
ProductionA natural material that doesn’t require insecticides and pesticides for processing.
Antibacterial Has antibacterial and antifungal activity.
Reasons why bamboo underwear is good for exercise.

However, bamboo underwear also has certain drawbacks.

Bamboo fibers are more delicate than cotton fibers, so they shrink more quickly. When washing bamboo underwear, care should be taken to wash it by hand in cold water or, when washing in the washing machine, use the hand wash program and wash in cold water.

Use hand wash program and do not thuble dry your bamboo underwear.
Use hand wash program and do not thuble dry your bamboo underwear.

Another disadvantage of bamboo is that it is more expensive than cotton. This is why you often only find cotton underwear in clothing shops because the higher price deters many people from buying bamboo underwear. However, if you want better quality underwear, you can also use it for working out. Then it’s worth spending a little more money on bamboo underwear.

Is bamboo underwear good for hiking?

Bamboo underwear is good for hiking because it absorbs a lot of sweat, dries quickly and is very comfortable. Hiking can take several hours, so bamboo underwear is very suitable because it keeps us comfortable for the whole time we are wearing it.

Underwear is very important during long-duration sporting activities such as hiking. Our legs are constantly rubbing against each other and we sweat while we walk, which makes the rubbing even more intense. Skin chafing can cause pain and irritated skin in hikers, making it difficult to continue hiking.

These are the qualities that quality hiking underwear should have:

Absorbency – Underwear for hiking and other long-duration sporting activities must be absorbent. Sweating speeds up the chafing of the skin, so we want to keep our skin dry for as long as possible. Natural materials such as bamboo and cotton are highly absorbent, unlike synthetic materials which absorb almost no moisture but only repel it. Because of this, sweat accumulates on the skin, which makes us hotter and increases our perspiration.

Breathability – the breathability of the underwear material is important to keep our skin as fresh as possible, which is the reason why we start to sweat later. Most of the materials used to make sportswear are breathable (bamboo, polyester, cotton), so you won’t go wrong by choosing bamboo underwear.

Underwear for hiking should be breathable
Underwear for hiking should be breathable

Quick drying – the skin needs to stay dry for as long as possible, so underwear that absorbs a lot of sweat and dries quickly should be worn. Materials that don’t dry quickly enough will still leave you with wet skin. Cotton is a material that absorbs a lot of sweat but does not dry quickly, so it is not the most suitable for prolonged sporting activities. Bamboo, on the other hand, absorbs a lot of sweat and also dries quickly.

Comfort – comfort is also very important during prolonged sporting activity and is achieved by keeping the skin as dry as possible for as long as possible. And by wearing underwear made of soft materials. Bamboo has a silky-soft texture to the touch and is stretchy enough not to disturb us when we walk. Which makes us feel like we’re not wearing underwear at all.

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