5 Reasons Why Basketball Players Wear Long Socks

Basketball socks are typically longer than regular socks. Have you ever wondered what the reasons basketball players wear such long socks are? Here are 5 reasons why basketball socks are so long.

Basketball players wear long socks because they warm the ankle and protect it from injury. Long socks protect against blisters and absorb a lot of sweat. Some basketball socks are also compression socks that go up to the knees, and in the NBA, all players have to wear long socks.

Below, I’ll reveal the benefits of wearing long basketball socks and the little-known facts about why NBA players shouldn’t wear low basketball socks.

Why do Basketball players wear long socks?

Basketball players wear long basketball socks for these 5 reasons:

  1. long basketball socks keep the ankle warm and protect it from injury,
  2. long basketball socks protect the foot from blisters,
  3. long basketball socks absorb more sweat,
  4. long basketball socks are more visible (NBA),
  5. long basketball socks can also be compression socks.

Before you continue reading this article, I suggest you read up on the differences between basketball socks and normal socks. You can access this article by clicking on this link.

Now here are 5 reasons why basketball socks are so long.

Long basketball socks warm and protect ankle against injury

To play basketball, it is important to warm your feet well before you start a game in which there are a lot of contacts. In basketball, leg injuries are the most common, especially to the knees and ankles. Long basketball socks help keep the ankle warmer and support us during the game. However, to get stronger and better support, it is necessary to wear high basketball shoes.

I suggest you read up on the types of socks worn by basketball players, which will also give you suggestions on how to buy the best basketball socks on the market.

Long basketball socks protect the foot from blisters

As mentioned above, it is better to wear high basketball shoes for better ankle support and protection against injury. However, high basketball shoes can make us blister faster if we don’t wear long enough socks. With high basketball shoes, I recommend wearing crew socks that go up to the beginning of the calf, which is about 50% of the leg.

Crew vs quarter socks
Crew vs quarter socks

If you want to wear a little lower socks, I recommend quarter socks, which go just above the ankle and give just enough protection to the foot. The length is just one of the features of the socks that prevent blisters when playing basketball. If you have problems with blisters or want to prevent them, I suggest you read about the 3 features a basketball sock must have to prevent blisters.

Long basketball socks absorb more sweat

Basketball is a fast-paced sport with lots of direction, jumping, and sprinting changes. That’s why we sweat a lot when playing basketball, and it’s good to wear clothes that absorb a lot of sweat. Basketball socks are designed to absorb a lot of sweat.

Because they are long, they cover a large part of the skin where they absorb sweat. In addition, basketball socks are thicker than regular socks and are made of more absorbent materials. Some NBA players even wear two pairs of socks to keep them more comfortable while playing and to make the socks absorb more sweat. You can read about the pros and cons of wearing two pairs of socks by clicking on this link.

Long basketball socks are more visible (NBA)

In the NBA, it’s all about advertising because it brings in a lot of money, which helps the development and recognition of basketball. This is also the main reason why NBA basketball players only have to wear crew basketball socks because they have the NBA logo sewn on both sides. If players wore low socks, the logo would be covered by high shoes. Which is not good for brand awareness.

The popularity of low basketball socks was made famous by Michael Jordan, who was one of the reasons why this rule was introduced. Also, the logo of the sock manufacturer (Nike) must be visible on the socks worn by NBA players. In the past, this rule has been broken by some stars who do not have a contract with this manufacturer.

Michael Jordan wearing quarter socks
Michael Jordan wearing quarter socks.

Nike basketball socks are also worn by many basketball players who are not NBA players, for the reason that Nike socks are actually of very high quality. You can read this post where I explain why Nike Elite basketball socks are the most popular basketball socks in the world.

Long basketball socks can also be compression socks

Some basketball players wear compression socks while playing basketball because compression socks increase blood circulation in the legs from the ankle up the body. This reduces the chance of cramps during the game. Wearing compression socks is also recommended after a game or training session if you want to speed up the recovery of your legs. You can find out more about compression socks by clicking on this link.

NBA players don’t wear compression socks during the game but, instead, wear 3/4-length compression tights. Compression tights warm the muscles, speed up blood circulation, and absorb sweat.

Do basketball players wear long or short socks?

Most basketball players wear long basketball socks, also called crew socks, that reach to the beginning of the calves. The main reason is to protect the ankle and prevent the foot from rubbing against the high basketball shoe. Low basketball socks protect the ankle less and can slip under the shoe.


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